Feng Shui Renee

My Mission: Working my belief in faith to consult and design healthy lifestyles."

For those of you who know me, I am ever learning, therefore expanding my business. Here are some of my recent developments that are still in the stages of being put together to design your true self package.

I see my clients as invited guests to a party and I am the Host! Clients experience a fabulously planned and accomplished design. I help you with your surrounding environments while helping you determine more about you to turn that environment into the positive energy for your passions to shine!

What your Appearance says about You

Would you like to be more confident, authentic and successful in all areas of your life? Is it important to you that your business, who you are and the unique gifts that you bring be a genuine expression of you? Do you wish you knew how to save time and money, get dressed practically with your eyes closed, and look and feel fabulous everyday? If you've answered Yes, then I invite you to read on!

In order to find the right job, it's essential to understand the kind of worker you are and the internal drivers that provide you with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Operating from your passions will not only make you shine during the interview process, it will allow you to soar once you've landed the job. Passion is what we can combine with our skills to deliver great results and at the same time find meaning in our work. So, rather than adopting the mind-set that you're looking for a job, and concentrating solely on the title and job description, why not focus instead on whether the position will offer an outlet for your passions? This process will open up possibilites that are unmeasurable!

Let it out!

Because who you are is so closely aligned with the spirit of your business/work/family, it's essential that your outer appearance and your inner beauty reflect who you truly are. This will then also help you with your surrounding environments. The colors, textures and design of your clothing, as well as your hair and make-up, are a metaphor; they tell a story, and make a powerful statement of how you think and feel about yourself and how people respond to you and your message. Are you sending the correct message?

Many of my clients discover they've been hiding behind a personal environment exterior that doesn't authentically reflect and express who they truly are and what they're about. In response to helping them improve their environments, I have found having my clients find their passion(s) helps with giving them the best positive energy in a tranquil environment. Is yours a true story, or is your current appearance holding you back in ways you may not even realize? When you dress as confidently as a peacock wears its feathers, you create a magnetic attraction. Your family, friends, co-workers, and potential clients see someone so radiant and in harmony with themselves, they can't help but respond enthusiastically to what you have to offer.

With this whole package I am forming, you'll experience a new found sense of courage, confidence and authenticity in your life and your business - a sense of being comfortable and at home with your true nature. Your relationships, both personally and professionally will be powerfully transformed. Are you ready to reclaim yourself and experience more joy, freedom, and excitement about who you are and what you do?

What's YOUR Passion?

It's a startling fact that most of us spend 84,000+ hours of our lives at work; and in these economic times, organizations are asking employees to deliver even more. So, why not make the most of that time by building a career in which you can thrive? Applying passion and skill at work is the formula that can make the difference between just having a job or creating a lifestyle.


Hi Renee, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for meeting you. Ever since our Feng Shui class, I have been paying so much more attention to my subconscious mind over my conscious mind, I've been meditating, I am a lot more organized, I'm feeling more positive, letting go of negativity with a quickness, and radiating confidence all around. It may have taken a few weeks after our sessions for it all to sink in but I feel like a much happier person. I seriously feel like I see the world through different eyes now. Your class was way much more than what I thought it would be. I went in thinking it would be all relative to decorating, not even close. I learned to open up my mind and my ears and how to find the answers within. Thank you a million times over!"

~ Tammy Viviano‎