Feng Shui Basics

  1. Wind Chimes
  2. Providing simple music with each breeze, wind chimes should be placed near an open door or window to lighten up the room and give it a pleasant environment. Wind chimes are symbolic of serenity and tranquility and are also thought to bring luck to whoever listens to them. Wind chimes can also incorporate other symbols of animals or dragons (performed orginally), opening up a whole variety of meanings and purposes.

  3. Small Fountains
  4. The sound of the falling water and the constant movement is designed to add tranquility to your living space. For stressed out or busy people, this can be an opportunity to reflect on the water and let your stress flow out of your body. Fountains come in several varieties-from small constant trickles of water down a rock face to the periodic rhythmic tilting of bamboo cups into a larger pool of water. Clearly, because of the use of water these fountains are symbolic of the element of water.

  5. Candles
  6. Feng Shui candles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and meanings. Each color candle is representative of a different goal, including as an example: wealth, love and success. Candles can be slightly scented and their warm glow is seen to spread energy and life around the room. Because of the small flame, candles are associated with the element of fire.

  7. Shrines
  8. A small family shrine is one of the centerpieces of Feng Shui in the household. The family shrine should be a composition of things that are important for you, including photos of loved ones, symbols of your life, or other reminders of your dreams and aspirations. Usually set in a small alcove or quiet corner of the room, the shrine should not be neglected, but should be periodically rearranged and kept in order.

Feng Shui Overview

Feng Shui is heavily influenced by the Elements.
There are 5 of these Elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water.

In the Productive Cycle: Fire produces Earth, which produces Metal, which produces Water, which produces Wood, which produces Fire.

In the Destructive Cycle: Wood destroys Earth, which destroys Water, which destroys Fire, which destroys Metal which destroys Wood.

In considering the Feng Shui of locations and home interiors, understanding these two cycles of the Elements enables practitioner, Feng Shui Renee, to incorporate Western Feng Shui and the Bagua Map to produce "tranquility" and be productive with the surrounding.

Feng Shui focuses on creating a nourishing flow of "chi" (life force energy-spirit) through personal self, residential, commercial and event environments. Correcting intangible factors such as "predecessor chi," allows to emphasize on the client's intentions for positive change and growth. This form of placement-recognizes that we are powerfully connected to our environment.

Feng Shui Renee, Certified using the Chinese system and Western Feng Shui, practices Western Feng Shui primarily. The modern version of Feng Shui, "Western Feng Shui" is in many cases better suited to a western crowd and lifestyle.

Although it does not use the compass directions like the Masters used, Renee instead places the Bagua Map according to the location of the front door. This method of Feng Shui remedy has a very solid foundation in ancient "form" school principles. Western Feng Shui becomes a path for personal growth and self-transformation. It is a valuable tool in the quest for self-actualization and a deeper connection to Spirit/Chi. Yes, it is a different practice in many ways from the classical Chinese compass-oriented Feng Shui. Times have changed, and Feng Shui changes with the times. Renee, for one, is helping with that change to make a positive difference. Certified Feng Shui Consultants, as Renee, of the Western "style" of Feng Shui are guided by a sincere desire to assist their clients in achieving happiness and greater success in their lives.

Feng Shui Renee Practitioner is also Certified and Licensed as a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator. This combination offers the Western Feng Shui contemporary methods with the power of self esteem. Scientific data in the Feng Shui energy value, supports Renee's practice and because has experienced the power and effectiveness first-hand.

I value the traditional practices, and incorporate them when I can. I do have a strong personal preference for the flexibility and client-focused approach of Western Feng Shui, which allows for a greater degree of collaboration and personalization with my clients.

Body Image

Do you think your body size should be something other than it is? Take that something else you are thinking you want and put it together with the body you have! Through Feng Shui's 5 elements, you can use your body for the intentions you want in your life.

Feng Shui Beginners

For beginners, Feng Shui is a way to cultivate the energy, flow and tranquility of a room or house's natural layout. This is done by arranging the furniture and layout of a room, as well as carefully selecting and positioning symbolic decorations and artworks within the room. The entire purpose is to make the living space more enjoyable and comfortable for its inhabitants and to increase the positive energy of the room. Remember though, it can also work for you with your clothes.

Feng Shui Environments

Tranquility designs a custom environment that will turn your dream home or office into reality. Using Feng Shui principles, a holistic approach, the residential or commercial environment you're wanting to change or develop is achieved producing a beautiful, creative, unique and functional layout.

Our custom-designs are according to your needs, vision, lifestyle, lot/building location and of course your budget. Working with your chosen engineer in your area who understands the local conditions and building codes in order to produce the final set of construction drawings for either new constructuion or remodeling, etc. will meet your family's needs if building a home or if building a business location will meet your vision.