Color Tips

  1. Yellow adds lots of warmth and radiance to space and life.
    In traditional feng shui, the center of your floor plan (if you draw it out and make a big X through it from corner to corner), is a great place for yellow to create a grounded and healthy space. Yellow can make your eyes tired, so it isn't a great color for notepads and website backgrounds. Yellow is also a color associated with stimulating the intuition in some schools of thought.
  2. Green represents the Wood element in feng shui, promoting change, growth and flexibility.
    Studies pioneered by environmental scientist Robert Ulrich have shown that seeing a leafy landscape full of trees while healing from an illness can increase the healing rate. Wear green to do yoga or write with a green pen when brainstorming. Adding green where you need to be more creative — even the color of your iPad case! — is a fun way to integrate more of this wood spirit into your days
  3. Blue in feng shui represents the water element, the start of the cycle of nature.
    Blue can boost self-esteem and help you to communicate more clearly. It can help with creative problem-solving and even in calming anxiety. Dieters take note: blue is an appetite suppressant for many. In large doses, blue can be introverting and overwhelming, so take it easy with blue to maximize its benefits.
  4. Red galvanizes action and can raise your heart rate.
    Red is a color associated with fire, an element that sparks rapid change in a feng shui sense. Red is magnetic and powerful: just a bit does the trick Red doors, associated with traditional feng shui, are thought to welcome in more prosperity. One controversial study in the UK suggested that women who wear red on first dates are more likely to get a second date!
  5. Violet is a great color for meditation rooms and other spaces where spirit prevails.
    Violet is associated with wealth in the feng shui bagua map — used often in the far left of a home from the entrance door to amp up the prosperous energy. Violet is more “spacey” than it is social, so less is often best in rooms meant for socializing.
  6. Orange is a fabulous color to mix into décor where you want to add warmth and cheer to life.
    Orange is associated with health, and it's a great color to use when healing from an illness. Deep orange is uplifting in small doses and yet pastel or coral and peach shades can transform walls and really make a room happier. And the “not-really-a-color” color:
  7. Magenta doesn’t have a single wavelength of its own, like other colors in the rainbow do.
    Considering that it's halfway between red and violet in wavelength, you might think we should see it as green … but instead we come up with magenta in our brain. This is part of the reason that magenta is associated with magic! I always write my wish lists and to-do lists in magenta. Try magenta in places that could benefit from more imagination and some positive energy.

To read more on this subject and other Feng Shui tips, read the full article!

Tranquility Feng Shui Designs

Since I have been working Feng Shui, I have gained additional knowledge in Psychology & Science, two of my favorite things studied in college. I pay close attention to how someone puts themselves together. When I consult clients on Residential and Commercial projects, I utilize the clients fashion style (Personal Environment) to create their living environment that is nurturing at the same time.

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  • Step by Step guide to apply basic Feng Shui.

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  • Authentic-Self
  • Make positive impressions through appearance, wardrobe, etiquette and communication skills. Your life can be a positive outlook & start one outfit at a time with your personal environment. What is your personal environment? It's your body with soul, and the home of your body’s most intimate environment: your clothing. The "Whispering Closet" is recommended with this consult.

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  • Health & Well-Being Consultation
  • Evaluates diet, lifestyle and environments. Environment accessment is done for design vision of tranquility, vitality and personal potential. A design is determined to excite senses and soothe the soul. Unseen yet always felt - the energizing, everything-is-possible plan.

  • Design Practicality
  • Evaluating individuals lifestyle to help design the environment best suited to be happy and healthy residing and cost effective. Using "It's Your Stuff" method.

  • Whispering Closet
  • Organization method using your individual style for Career and Lifestyle purposes. Dress Like You Mean It! The state of your closet, the home of your body’s most intimate environment (your clothing), affects and reflects your being as much as your home and work decors. This consulting presentation will take you on a virtual tour of your wardrobe and its habitual surroundings – It’s all about you and your closet. Learn how you can fill it with clothes that you love and wear all the time and discover how to Conquer Closet Chaos once and for all.

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  • Selling Real Estate
  • Staging a home or business.

  • Life Coaching
  • Consulting on developing a plan to help succeed in personal and professional life. What are the challenges? Set goals/priorities and monitor progress.

Self Environment

Your body is a temple. The heart is the bedchamber of heaven and earth and birthplace of the true-self. Map your passions and then continue to design your Personal Environment, Residential and Commercial Environments and even do special Event Environments.